Linux trace

对于linux下的trace,我建议你参考Brendan Gregg的文章:Choosing a linux tracer,里面详细列出了linux下每个t

gdb notes

linux下最重要的debug工具,对于问题分析,非常有帮助。掌握gdb对于linux开发和故障诊断是必备的技能。 info info addr # info symbol # 显示地址的s

openshift notes

Openshift 权限控制 首先是认证, 可以设置自己的认证服务器, 缺省用htpasswd 然后是权限控制: rule规则, role角色(规则集), bind绑定角

mysql notes

read-only user Adding the new MySQL user Connect to your database as root, then add your new user like so: CREATE USER ‘lele’@‘%’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘lele_lelelele’; The % here means the user ‘tester’ connecting from any host, you can place a network hostname here instead if you want to restrict access further. Naturally you will also want to substitute password with something a little stronger ;-) Now run the following