python notes

enviroment virtualenv virtualenv myenv source .myenv/bin/activate deactivate Core type integer, string, tuple is immutable, can’t by change in-place keep in mind that the mutable type is share reference, if you need to change them You can copy sequence type by slice, but it only copy top-level, if you want to completely copy the object, use deepcopy #+BEGIN_SRC python >>>x = [1, 2, [3, 4]] >>>y = [‘aa’, x[:]] >>>x[0] =

linux kvm notes

背景信息 本文档是自己在工作中对kvm使用上的一些记录,基于ubuntu 12.04 desktop, 在我的工作笔记本电脑实现,机器带一块以太网卡和一块无


introduce xmodmap能够重新映射键盘上键的布局,通常情况下,你不会需要对键盘做重新映射,只有在特定情况下,比如emacs,需要频繁操作Ctrl键


Oracle M-series(Dynamic Domains) 收购sun获得,支持dynamic domains,支持动态资源划分,可以动态分配资源(cp